WATCH: The touching moment when Tinkerbell speaks in sign language to a young deaf girl

The four-year-old met the Peter Pan character in Disney World

A young American girl who is deaf, had a Disney encounter she will never forget when Tinkerbell began speaking to her through sign language.

Four-year-old Shaylee Mansfield from Texas, was on vacation with her family at Disney World when the popular Peter Pan character knelt down to communicate with her.

It was a magical moment for Shaylee and her parents, who are also deaf. Her younger sister however, can hear. 

As a result of the chance meeting with Tinkerbell, many of the other them park figures began speaking to the toddler in American sign language while other Disney World workers are endeavouring to learn the language to ensure that future visitors with a similar disability will be catered for.

The beautiful moment was captured on film by Shaylee's parents.