WATCH: This two-year-old Kerry farmer has one hilarious response to getting a new tractor

He knows his limits for sure

Any child who was reared on a farm can relate to the rapturous joy that comes with owning their first tractor.

It may or may not come with all the agricultural accouterments and no, the heartless toy manufactures refuse to install a real engine. But with a bit of resourcefulness and some can-do attitude, you knew you could get a solid day's work done.

It's important not to get too emotionally invested in the moment you put your hands on the new machinery and this little two-year-old Kerry man epitomises the kind of dispassionate attitude you need, if you want to survive in the farming world.

After his granny presents him with his new tractor, his mind instantly switches into practical mode and he quickly informs her of the flaw she didn't spot.

"It's too heavy nanny, oh my God, it's too heavy."


Two-Year-Old Kerryman Has Amazing Response To His New Tractor

Two-Year-Old Kerryman Has Amazing Response To His New Tractor. (From Youtube)

Posted by TractorMad on Monday, 4 April 2016


Did you hear that Granny? It's too damn heavy. Let this be a lesson to you all before you make your next tractor purchase.