WATCH: This trans rights advert will air during Donald Trump's Republican Convention speech

The minute-long spot will be broadcast on Fox News during the speech

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When Donald Trump takes to the stage in Cleveland in less than a week, where he is expected to formally accept the GOP’s nomination for the US presidential election, millions of conservative American viewers will be tuning into Fox News. And during a commercial break, a coalition of gay rights groups will run a minute-long advert that calls out the 32 states that have passed laws banning trans men and women from using public toilets of the sex they identify as.

The advert, which will be broadcast during Trump’s speech, features Alaina Kupec, a trans woman from North Carolina. It depicts a scene in which she attempts to use the facilities in a diner, and is informed by the owner that she must use the men’s room, something advocates for trans rights claim is commonplace.

North Carolina made international headlines when it passed a bill in March that requires citizens use public toilets that match the gender on their birth certificate. In the ongoing controversy, the Obama administration filed a lawsuit against the state and warned others that passing similar laws against trans rights would result in a loss of federal funding.

You watch the advert that will air during the broadcast during the convention next Thursday below:

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