WATCH: These kids really don't think a woman could do Santa's job

"She would get lost in the sky..."

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As children of all ages know, Santa Claus is a magical, immortal man with a penchant for red and white suits acting as the very embodiment of the spirit of giving. But he’s definitely not a woman, because as this group of young British children reveal, she just wouldn’t be up for the job.

In a telling look at how young children view gender roles in the modern world, the creative agency Anomaly, responsible for the #MoreWomen campaign, posed the question about whether Mrs Claus could do the job should Father Christmas be incapacitated on Christmas Eve.

Unable to follow directions, distracted by maternal duties back at the North Pole, and lacking the upper-body strength needed to lug the toys around, at least her slender figure would be better able to slide down the chimney shaft.

Take a look at the video below:

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