WATCH: “There are no f****** do-overs," John Oliver warns US voters after Brexit

The British satirist dedicated the first half of his show to the referendum's fallout

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A week after he pleaded with his fellow Brits to vote to keep themselves within the European Union, HBO satirist and Last Week Tonight presenter John Oliver has issued his scathing take on Friday’s surprise result – warning American voters that “There are no f****** do-overs.”

Dedicating the opening segment of his Sunday-evening show to the result, Oliver lays bare his thoughts on what the fallout of his seismic political shift for the UK might be, and pulls no punches in his biting attack on Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, a “shaved orangutan” and “Punchable Face cover model” respectively.

Oliver’s take on Brexit from before the vote, regrettably, was withheld from British viewers until after polls closed on Thursday evening, after Sky withheld the programme to keep in line with election and referendum guidelines laid out by Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator.

You can watch the full segment from Last Week Tonight below:

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