WATCH: The world turns upside down in 'Stranger Things 2' trailer

The second season of the nostalgic Netflix hit arrives - rather aptly - on Halloween

Fresh from claiming the ‘Best Ensemble’ award at the 2017 SAG Awards, Stranger Things has released its first teaser trailer for season two – though we’ll have to wait for Halloween to see which tricks and treats Hawkins, Indiana will be providing.

The sci-fi show, a knowing nod to the movies of Steven Spielberg and other 1980s classics, was a surprise hit during the summer, coming out of nowhere with a killer theme tune to become a global smash hit. The tale of missing boy Will Byers’ trip to the upside down did more for the number Eleven’s place in pop culture than This is Spinal Tap, while revitalising the career of Winona Ryder and establishing its young cast as people to watch for the future.

Billed as Stranger Things 2, the trailer for the Duffer brothers’ show lures viewers in with a fake Eggo advert, an in-joke to the snack food favoured by the elusive Eleven, before cutting to the kind of bump-in-the-night terror that viewers are waiting for.

Set one year after Will’s disappearance, the big bad of season two seems to be some giant object or monster in the sky, meaning that the border between our world and the Upside Down might be falling apart.

Take a look at the trailer in full below...

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