WATCH: The first trailer for 'Sword of Destiny', the 'Crouching Tiger...' sequel

The English-language film will be released by Netflix in February, more than 15 years after the original

WATCH: The first trailer for 'Sword of Destiny', the 'Crouching Tiger...' sequel

Michelle Yeoh stars in the new sequel to 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' [Netflix]

Nearly three years ago, Netflix announced that it would produce a sequel to the 15-year-old Chinese movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which became a worldwide hit upon its release, earning four Oscars and helping to galvanise director Ang Lee’s career as a filmmaker.

The film, which starred Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fat, was based on the fourth book in Chinese wrtier Wang Dulu’s five-book series Iron Knight, Silver Vase, and while the calls for a sequel were few and far between, super producer Harvey Weinstein thought more of it. Now a follow-up, Sword of Destiny, will debut on the video-streaming service and IMAX theatres around the world on February 26th.

The movie deals once more with the mythical sword ‘The Green Destiny’, a weapon wielded by Chow Yun Fat’s character in the first movie. Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh returns as Yu Shu Lien.

While Ang Lee insisted that the actors perform their lines in Mandarin in the original movie, the sequel was filmed entirely in English. You can watch the trailer below:

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