WATCH: The best weird gadgets and attractions from CES 2016

Robots, cyborgs, and video games for dogs - the future is coming...

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Gregory Bull / AP

The Consumer Electronics Show has been taking place in Las Vegas all week - as events wind down Newstalk's Jess Kelly and Joseph Conroy look at some of the off the beaten track gadgets and tech advances.

Ziro - May the force be with you...

Ziro, a motion-control system, uses a glove connected to a four-wheeled robot via Bluetooth to control the vehicle. By moving your hand, closing your fingers or turning your palm you can send orders to the machine.
LG's super thin foldable screens


LG showcased an 18-inch paper-thin OLED display which is flexible enough to be rolled up like a newspaper. It has a 1200 x 810 ppi resolution HD screen, and could be used to lend future e-readers an authentic paper-like appearance.
Or it could function as an alternative to traditional TV sets, taking up less place and being easy to store and transport.
MyCaptR - Scan with ease

MyCaptR, a 3D-scanning start-up, can use an iPad app to draw a 3D picture of a room in three minutes, allowing users to decide how to furnish or remodel a home.
Cyborg Snowden

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden appeared at the Sin City conference via a live streaming robot.

Appearing on a Suitable Technologies' Beam telepresence device - the 32-year old used the platform to highlight the subversive potentials of new technologies.

“The FBI can’t arrest a robot,” he told the Las Vegas crowd. Mr Snowden is currently in exile in Russia and faces arrest if he returns to the United States.

Cleverpet - Turn your dog into a gamer

CleverPet has been described as the first games console for dogs. It requires them to hit lights in patterns - rewarding them with food when they complete levels.

You can track your pet's progress on your smartphone.

Edwin Rubber Duckie - He's a very smart duck...

This is a multipurpose smart toy to accompany little ones in the bath and beyond. It functions as a bluetooth speaker that you can stream stories and music through. In the bath it will turn red if the water is too hot.

It also works as a nightlight and has a app full of Edwin adventures...

SCiO - Get inside of ... everything 

SCiO, this cutting-edge food scanner from Consumer Physics, can instantly analyse pieces of food to see how many calories they have and what their nutritional qualities are.
Its technology can explore the makeup of different materials (not just food) - opening this technology up to a massive number of applications.
PitPat - FitBit for your dog...

PitPat has designed a wearable fitness tracker for your four-legged friend. The PitPat clips onto your dog's collar and relays information from their daily activity including distance travelled and calories burned straight to your smartphone.