WATCH: TV reporter fails to prove herself unflappable after parrot lands on her shoulder

Lola the parrot made an unexpected perch on Brittney Kleyn's shoulder - and wasn't going to budge

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Lola and Brittney Kleyn [YouTube]

Who’d be a news reporter, eh? With a camera capturing every moment of mishap and a production team happy to share it on social media for viral stardom, your every moment is framed for the world’s viewers to consume. Which is why Australian reporter Brittney Kleyn is now going global, thanks to the unexpected arrival of a parrot named Lola during her filming.

The Nine Network News journalist was reporting in the sunshine on Queensland’s Gold Coast when the parrot landed on her shoulder – and refused to budge. Does Kleyn remain unflappable and cool throughout the surprise interruption? No. No, she does not.

Lola the parrot, after eventually extricating herself from her perch atop Kleyn’s shoulder, was later returned to her owner Michelle Mills – with Kleyn proving herself a pro and reporting the story to the end.

Take a look at the video below:

[H/T: BBC]

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