WATCH: Special Agent Dale Cooper is back in 'Twin Peaks' trailer

More than a quarter of a century after the series ended, the show returns on May 21st

WATCH: Special Agent Dale Cooper is back in 'Twin Peaks' trailer

Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper [YouTube]

After a typically atypical trailer for Twin Peaks debuted late last year, the revival of the David Lynch show has offered fans its first look at FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper for the first time since 1992.

Despite the new season of the 18-episode show having a mammoth cast of 217 actors, the teaser offers little more than confirmation that actor Kyle MacLachlan, now 57, is ageing very well. Aside from that, keen viewers and superfans will note that the town, the site of the grisly murder of Laura Palmer that become the must-watch TV event of the 1990s, hasn’t seen its population change in the quarter century since.

The secretive Lynch has described the new season of the show as being more cinematic in nature.

“I see it as a film. And a film, in parts, is what people will experience. It was a joyful experience. This word ‘expect’ is a magical word. People expect things, and their expectations are hopefully met when they see the thing.”

The Showtime-produced Twin Peaks has been described by TV executives as “pure heroin David Lynch,” and will premiere in the US on May 21st.

In Ireland, the show will air on Sky Atlantic after the channel secured the rights to Showtime’s entire catalogue in a deal believed to be worth more than €570m over five years. Signed last year, the contract applies to Sky’s entire European operation, granting Sky Atlantic the exclusive broadcasting rights to the likes of The Affair and Billions.

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