WATCH: Someone edited together 400 versions of 'A Christmas Carol' into one movie

The supercut ends with a five-minute montage of actors saying "Bah humbug"

WATCH: Someone edited together 400 versions of 'A Christmas Carol' into one movie


While everyone knows that the definitive version is the one starring the Muppets, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has no shortage of screen adaptations. The novel, the story of a rich and miserly Londoner who learns the error of his ways while forgetting what day it is, has been turned into movies and adapted for TV Christmas specials that it’s become a festive staple, to the point of the phrase “Bah humbug” being plastered over everything from Christmas cards to band-aids.

And if you struggle to pick your favourite retelling of Ebenezer Scrooge’s life lesson from the myriad of options, maybe consider settling on a YouTube Frankenstein’s monster instead; YouTuber Heath Waterman has cobbled together cuts from 400 different versions of A Christmas Carol into one single, coherent narrative, with questions and lines of dialogue from one version interwoven with answers and expository plot-propulsion from another.

Coming in at 53 minutes, it’s not the quickest watch you’ll find this Christmas, but includes an unparalleled parade of pop culture icons, including Oscar the Grouch, Mr T, Mr Burns, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Mickey Mouse, Xena, Ayn Rand, and even some pornographic versions. The impressive feat of video editing ends with a full index of what’s gone before it, revealing the oldest audio dates back all the way to 1843, while 75% of the clips come from the last 30 years.

And what better way to tie things up than with a five-minute long montage of actors crabbily voicing the iconic line, “Bah humbug.” Take a look at the video in full below:

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