WATCH: Peter Parker returns in second 'Spider-Man Homecoming' trailer

British actor Tom Holland takes over the role of the iconic web-slinger

WATCH: Peter Parker returns in second 'Spider-Man Homecoming' trailer


The latest trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming, Marvel’s first standalone shot at the character, has just debuted online, showcasing a lot of Ironman and Michael Keaton’s the Vulture.

Having honed his skills and an Oscar nomination with Birdman, the veteran actor knows a thing or two about bringing his a-game to stunt scenes, and here plays a classic villain frustrated by the power wielded by the wealthy.

“The rich and powerful, they don’t care about us,” Keaton cries in the trailer. “The world’s changing – time we change too.”

Change has come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which finally managed to prise away the rights to Peter Parker from Sony after its second attempts at franchise fell apart after a disappointing number two. British star Tom Holland takes on the mantle of the roll, learning the hard way that there’s much more to being Spider-Man than just wearing a suit.

Co-starring Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, and Donald Glover, this newest version of the character will be arriving at your friendly neighbourhood multiplex on July 7th. Take a look at (the admittedly very plot spoiler-y) trailer below:

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