WATCH: Netflix releases new trailer for 'Amanda Knox' documentary film

Knox was convicted twice by the Italian courts of brutally murdering her British housemate in 2007

Amanda Knox


True crime is arguably the success story of entertainment in 2016, with Netflix its chief cheerleader. The streaming giant kicked off the year with the highly addictive documentary series Making a Murderer, and other networks have followed suit, taking their own spin on real crimes. Later this month, Netflix will debut its next venture into the genre, when it releases its new documentary Amanda Knox, of which the first trailer has just arrived.

The documentary film will first premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival today, before going global on Netflix streaming service on September 30th.

The focus of the film is American woman Amanda Knox, who made international headlines in 2007 when she was arrested when her British housemate in an Italian college town was found brutally murdered. Was Knox guilty of being involved in the brutal death of Meredith Kercher or was she innocent, as she has long since protested?

Twice convicted by the Italian courts, Knox has twice been acquitted, becoming the subject of global speculation as non-stop media attention fed the public’s fascination through every twist and turn of the decade-long case.

Featuring unprecedented access to key people involved in the case and never-before-seen archival footage, the documentary includes interviews with Amanda Knox, her former co-defendant and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini and Daily Mail reporter Nick Pisa.

You can watch the trailer for Amanda Knox below:

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