WATCH: Mike Pence says claims he was considering dropping out of race are "absolutely false"

The vice-presidential candidate had been rumoured to be considering leaving the ticket after the latest round of contorversies

After what has been a hectic few days for the Trump election campaign, Mike Pence has reaffirmed his commitment to the GOP ticket.

In the wake of a leaked conversation from 2005 in which Donald Trump made lewd and vulgar comments about his treatment of women, it was rumoured that Pence had been incredibly offended and angered by the remarks, and that he was considering dropping off the ticket as a result.

Further fuel was added to the fire during the debate on Sunday night, when Trump stated that he didn't agree with his running-mate on their respective plans for Syria, stating: "He and I haven't spoken, and I disagree."

However, on Monday morning the Indiana governor appeared on CNN to state that there was no rift in the camp, and he was fully committed to the campaign.

"I'll always keep my conversations with Donald Trump and my family private," said Pence, "but it's absolutely false to suggest that at any point in time we considered dropping off this ticket.

"It's the greatest honour of my life to have been nominated by my party to be the next vice-president of the United States of America. Politics is a very tough business, I get that."

Pence added that he was offended by Trump's remarks in the video, but that he has continued to encourage Trump to truly express contrition and remorse over them, which he believes he showed during Sunday's debate.  

"Last night he showed his heart to the American people [...] and then he moved on to the real choice in this election, which is really not just a choice between two candidates, but a choice between two futures. I believe in the debate last night, he was able to move beyond that controversy."

There was plenty of reaction to last night's debate online, as Trump also faced criticism for once again speaking about Captain Humayun Khan

Although Pence claimed that his running mate won the debate, many pundits haven't gone quite so far, simply stating that he was better prepared than the first time around, and Clinton failed to deliver a real blow that would have plunged his campaign into an even deeper crisis. 

The next meeting of the presidential candidates takes place on October 19th at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas.