WATCH: Michael Healy-Rae has released his election song

The Kerry politician is getting an early start on the campaign trail.

Michael Healy-Rae, Kerry, election,

Image: Sam Boal/Rolling News

Although the date of the election is yet to be formally announced, Michael Healy-Rae has already started his campaign off by releasing a song encouraging voters to get behind him. 

The song, written and performed by local Kerry band Truly Diverse, highlights Healy-Rae's contributions to the community in "saving shops, pubs and post offices", and encourages people to "vote him one or vote him two, vote him any way". 

There is, of course, mention of the black cap, while a statement issued about the release of the song hinted that this might not be the only musical number to come from his camp during the course of the election.