WATCH: Mayor of Los Angeles announces road closure... by singing a slow jam

That's one way of making a public service announcement...

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Eric Garcetti. YouTube screenshot.

Most officials would probably announce a road closure with a tweet, press release or other dry, straightforward form of communication. The mayor of Los Angeles, however, does things a little differently.

Eric Garcetti seems to have made the decision that the best way to put forward the news that a local freeway would be closed for almost two days was with a laid back, jazzy slow jam.

The city is rebuilding the Sixth Street Bridge, necessitating the temporary closure.

Backed by music students from a local high school, Mayor Garcetti sings, "so on Friday night... the 101 Freeway east of Downtown will take a break for 40 hours of R&R... and R&B."

He goes on to assure residents that public transport will continue to operate, and everything will be back to normal ahead of Superbowl Sunday.

All the valuable information is, naturally, communicated via the medium of smooth jazz.

You can watch the unusual announcement below: