WATCH: Mattie McGrath slams Enda Kenny in Fleetwood Mac rap

The Tipperary TD showed off his free-shtylin' skills in the latest Carpool Candidates with Henry McKean

Independent TD Mattie McGrath draws on Fleetwood Mac for some inspiration ahead of Election 2016, as he 'raps' along to their hit 'Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow' in the latest Carpool Candidates.

During an interview with Newstalk reporter Henry McKean, the Tipperary candidate broke out into a spontaneous rap/song and attempted to throw some shade at the Government.

"It happens every couple of years, When the people come out with their peann luaidhe, And stroke uimhir a haon, uimhir a dó beside your name...," sings McGrath.

He goes on to take potshots at Enda Kenny too, when he sings: "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Don't stop thinking about Election Day, And Count Day the day after, 'Cos you're going to be very disappointed, And you're going to be looking for me as an Independent..." 

It really just needs to be seen to be believed...