WATCH: Man hospitalised after e-cigarette battery explodes in his pocket

Josh Hamilton suffered third-degree burns on his leg

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A man in Kentucky suffered third-degree burns on his leg and is receiving hospital treatment after his spare e-cigarette battery exploded in his trouser pocket. Security cameras in a convenience store captured the moment his jeans caught fire while he was standing at the counter.

Identified as Josh Hamilton, the video shows him walking up to the cashier and preparing to pay in the Owensboro store. Moments later, flames streak from his pockets and his leg is engulfed in an explosion. A nearby delivery man can only watch as Hamilton runs out the door, chased by the cashier carrying a fire extinguisher.

Writing on Facebook, where he also posted a photo of the burns on his thigh, Jones said: “Third degree burns all up and down my leg. Just had an Ecig battery blow up and catch fire inside my pocket! Ouch ow ow ow.”


"Sorry if your squeamish! I can't even look at it without getting a little sick myself," Hamilton wrote [Facebook]

Hamilton's misfortune is the latest in a long line of technical failures linked to e-cigarette devices, with numerous reports of the vaping devices exploding while people were using them. 

Last year, a Florida man was placed in a medically-induced coma after suffering severe burns on his face and neck.

Gillian Golden of the Irish Vape Vendors Association said that battery issues can arise in any rechargeable device, saying: "When batteries are outside of an e-cigarette device they should always be carried or stored in a plastic or silicon case. Otherwise, if it made contact with keys, coins or other metal objects you may be carrying in your pocket, it might create an electrical circuit between the ends of the battery, causing a short. If this happens, the battery can heat up and has the potential to cause injury.

"Most specialist vape shops sell battery cases, and for the sake of a euro or two, e-cigarette users can have peace of mind knowing they're taking proper precautions," she added.
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