WATCH: Man climbs high-rise building to save falling dog

The incident was posted on a Columbian animal rights Facebook page

Footage has surfaced of a Columbian man climbing the outside of a high-rise apartment block to save a falling dog.

In the video, first posted by Columbian animal-rights group Amor Por Los Animales on their Facebook page, Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez can be seen trying to help the small dog that got stuck in the railings of an upper-floor balcony.

Realising that the only way to actually help the dog was to ascend to the balcony, Jimenez climbs up the outside of the building before pulling the animal back to safety.

The video ends with a quick pan back down to ground level, showing just how high up both man and dog actually are. Do not watch if you happen to suffer from vertigo. Or are prone to sweaty-palmed anxiety attacks.