WATCH: Luas video highlights near misses with "gambler cyclists"

Luas has released the video to highlight the dangers of taking risks around trams

WATCH: Luas video highlights near misses with "gambler cyclists"

Image: Transdev/YouTube

A new video has highlighted just how dangerous it can be when cyclists gamble with safety around Luas trams in Dublin.

Luas operator Transdev has released the video to warn cyclists to take care around trams – and highlight how close you can come to serious injury when breaking red lights.

The video shows a range of near misses as cyclists fly between tram lanes and fail to look left and right as they make their way through the city.

The video is part of the #BeTramAware advertising campaign - aimed at educating cyclists that taking risks can result in serious injury or death.

Transdev has warned that Luas drivers see incidents like the ones included in the video on a daily basis – forcing drivers to apply the emergency breaks and slowing down the service.

The operator’s communications manager Dervla Brophy said that while the Luas service is safe for passengers, it is important to “shine a light on the actions of these gambler cyclists.”

“We must reduce the number of emergency brakes the trams are forced to make because of reckless cyclist behaviour,” she said.

“We must ensure that cyclists see the footage and understand the trams cannot swerve and take time to stop.”