WATCH: Leo Varadkar gives 'out of this world' weekly message

The Taoiseach almost had us fooled...

WATCH: Leo Varadkar gives 'out of this world' weekly message

Image via @campaignforleo on Twitter

The Taoiseach has given his latest weekly message, with a difference.

Leo Varadkar is no stranger to the weekly videos, having began them when he took office.

Until then, they were usually emailed as statements to Fine Gael members.

But in a tweet on Friday, Mr Varadkar said: "This week's message goes boldly forth...".

He began the 95-second video by saying: "Hi, Leo Varadkar here, sending you my weekly message today from my new spaceship - as you can see."

As the camera pans, it shows a window with a space-field outside.

But Mr Varadkar added: "Well not really - I'm actually here at Troy Studios in Limerick, which is the old Dell plant in Plassey."

He then explained: "We have 300 people working here now on a new production for NBC Universal called 'Nightflyers'".

"It's a really exciting development, it's a real example of a new modern, creative industry replacing an old one".

He went on to talk about some Earthbound events of the past week.