WATCH: Learning how jelly sweets are made is as beautiful as it is sinister

From first bite to last breath, this short on gelatine might put you off gummy bears for life

Gelatine, Gummy Bears,

[Flickr/Alberto Donda]

Gummy bears, jelly babies, and gelatine chews of all kinds are a confectionery favourite of millions of people around the world. And after finishing the video below, you’ll probably never want to eat another one ever again.

It’s likely that a consumer cannot reach adulthood without accepting the truth of where gelatine, the gelling agent made from animal skin and bones, comes from. But Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens had created a beautiful – and confronting – short video exploring just how jelly sweets are made.

Working from the end point back to porcine origins, the footage plays out in reverse, from the first bite to the last breath, hitting each key point along the way.

Kneepkens’ film is part of an ongoing series of unflinching looks into how the processed foods we consume are made produced for the Belgian TV show Over Eten, which translates as 'On Food'. Her shorts exploring the traditional Belgian dish rabbit with prunes and another for black pudding might see you turn vegetarian. Other, more benign videos include crisps, mozzarella, and pastry.

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