WATCH: Leader of anti-Islamist group in Britain resigns after disastrous TV interview

Timothy Scott has resigned as the leader of Pegida UK after he admitted an interview with Channel 4 was “an epic fail”.

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Image; Channel 4/YouTube

The leader of a new far-right anti-Islam group in Britain has resigned after a television interview with Channel 4.

Tim Scott had been the head of the British branch of a German movement, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident or Pegida UK, but resigned shortly after his interview with Alex Thompson on Channel 4.

In the interview, Scott was pressed to give details on what Pegida were campaigning against, and stated that the problem was "young girls getting groomed", "the youth getting radicalised" and “just, all stuff”.

The former soldier, who had been deployed in Afghanistan with the British Armed Forces, later resigned and issued a statement on the Pedgida UK Facebook page in which he claimed that the clip was “clearly edited and cut to suit their left wing agenda”

He further stated that he had“not decided to leave the movement because of an interview or even the comments on social media (many of which were from people that should know better), but because of things outside my control”.

The movement will now be lead by Tommy Robinson, formerly of the English Defence League, who has stated that they will hold their first rally in February.