WATCH: John Oliver calls Ryan Lochte "America's idiot sea cow"

The British satirist skewered the American swimmer for telling lies about an armed robbery in Rio

John Oliver, Ryan Lochte


After being caught lying about a supposed armed robbery after a party in Rio, and after being dropped by Speedo, American swimmer and Olympic medallist Ryan Lochte can takes some solace in knowing that his scandal merited the greatest recognition the American media can give it – he got ripped to pieces on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

The British comedian, who has become a global star thanks to his brilliantly cutting appraisals of topical stories, bludgeoned Lochte’s credibility to death with the kind of deadpan riffs viewers and social media fans have come to expect.

Describing the disgraced swimmer as “America’s idiot sea cow”, Oliver launches a scathing attack on Lochte’s “bullshit apology" before playing a supercut of some of the 32-year-old swimmer’s most outlandish quotes.

As this 2016 Olympics probably represent Lochte’s swansong in the competitive pool, at least he can say he made it onto one of the most cultural relative TV shows of the moment, albeit not for the right reasons.

Take a look at the video in full below:

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