WATCH: Jet skiers narrowly escape harm after provoking great white shark

What else would you expect when you agitate a fearsome creature in the water

Two jet skiers were lucky not to get into serious trouble after a great white shark bit their water vehicle and barely missed the leg of one of the passengers.

Video footage has emerged of the pair driving closely alongside the five-metre fish in shallow waters in Queensland, prompting it to turn and crash into them with force.

Luckily for them, the hit did not dump them into the water.

gavin Turner

Look at this for a close call.....

Posted by Sunshine Coast fishing on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The jet skier who almost got bitten took to Facebook, to describe just how close she was to suffering a severe injury. 

"I literally had to move my leg so it didn't get mauled. Notice the lack of screams? I think I must have been too scared.I was ready to head home after that!".

A leading shark expert explained how the shark was trying to swim away from the jet skiers.

"They are not always aggressive, but just like a lot of people, I guess it thought the jet ski was annoying. I don't think it thought they were lunch. I think it was the shark being annoyed and it telling the source of annoyance to go away".