WATCH: James Franco must save JFK from being assassinated in '11.22.63"

The time-travel thriller is based on the best-selling Stephen King novel

Due to air on February 15th (aka President's Day in the U.S.), the first trailer for the TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel 11.22.63 has just been released.

Produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Person Of Interest) with some episodes directed by Kevin McDonald (The Last King Of Scotland, State Of Play), it tells the story of a high school teacher (James Franco) who discovers a way to time-travel back to the early 1960's, and how he attempts to save President Kennedy from assassination.

The impressive supporting cast includes Chris Cooper, Josh Duhamel and Sarah Gadon will star across the eight-part mini-series.

Franco told press at the Television Critics Association: “It’s sort of become, in a weird way, legend for my generation where it feels like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean. But in fact it was this horrific event. I thought this story and approach was so great because it’s a fresh way in. We’re not exactly telling a history lesson… You get to learn everything all over again, but from a completely fresh perspective we haven’t really seen before. It’s a way to guide a new generation into what happened.”