WATCH: Irish wakeboarder makes the most of Cork flooding

With the River Lee's banks burst, one man and his winch show us how it's done

Cork, Flooding, Storm Desmond, David O'Caoimh

Professional wakeboarder David O'Caoimh by the burst banks of the river Lee [Facebook]

Make hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes, but when all we’re getting of late is torrential rainfall, one Cork man has taken to making waves instead.

Professional wakeboarder David O’Caoimh has released video of his efforts to make the most of the floodwaters in the county, with footage of him skimming across the cold water taken by Fergal O’Callaghan and uploaded to his Facebook profile.

Attached to a six-horsepower winch, O’Caoimh flies across the pools left by Storm Desmond las weekend, soaring over submerged obects and sliding along walls. All in all, it’s an impressive display of nautical acrobatics – and a lot safer than taking a paddle through the dangerous high seas around Galway during the worst of Desmond’s pummelling of the Irish coast.

You can watch the video of O’Caoimh’s exploits below:

When Cork floods, I Wakeboard Thank you #StormDesmond

Posted by David O'Caoimh Wakeboarder on Monday, 7 December 2015

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