WATCH: Irish boy's uplifting video on living with autism

Video of Sean Kavanagh, 13, goes viral.

A 13-year-old Irish boy's video about autism has gone viral after after clocking up almost 300,000 shares.

In honour of Autism Awareness Month, Sean Kavanagh explained life with autism and the differences with Asperger's Syndrome to his uncle James Kavanagh, a popular Snapchatter. 

"Loud noises and loud music really get to me," Sean explained. "Personal space – I don’t like when people get too close to me. I get uncomfortable when people who aren’t my family hug me."


Video: James Kavanagh.

After getting a great reception on Snapchat, James decided to share the video on Facebook, where it has been seen by thousands.

Aside from being a social media star, James also works with UNCIEF and Bare Knuckling Bipolar, Dublin. It looks like his nephew is just as popular with online audiences.