WATCH: Prisoners break free to help guard

The inmates were being held at a holding cell in Texas when a guard outside appeared to stop breathing

WATCH: Prisoners break free to help guard

Still from CCTV Footage | Via: YouTube

A group of prisoners broke out of their holding cell to help a guard who had stopped breathing.

The inmates were being held in the basement of the Weatherford District Courts Building in Parker County, Texas when the guard outside their pen slumped onto the floor.

"He was just talking to them, and he just kind of collapsed," Capt. Mark Arnett told NBC News on Saturday.

"As soon as the jailer went down, they started to yell."

When that failed to draw the attention of the other guards, the prisoners took a risk and broke out of their cell.

Speaking to a news station after the incident inmate Nick Kelton said: "It never crossed my mind not to help whether he's got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I'm gonna help him."

He also said they were aware of how serious the situation would look when the other officers arrived, but chose to help anyway.

“We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us," he said.

A group of guards eventually came to the man's aid and ordered the inmates back behind bars.

Deputies then started CPR until paramedics arrived and treated the guard until he eventually regained a pulse.

The guard is said to be recovering from the apparent heart attack and is expected to return to work next week.