WATCH: "I'd like to crack 1000," says sperm-donor father of 800 kids

British man Simon Watson sells his samples to women and couples he meets on Facebook

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Britain's most prolific sperm donor, Simon Watson [YouTube]

A British man who sells samples of his sperm on Facebook to women hoping to conceive a child has revealed that he has fathered more than 800 children worldwide, charging £50 (€65.50) per “pot of the magic potion.”

Simon Watson, 41, first started donated his sperm in 2000, but after supplying samples to sperm banks he decided to work around official channels and offer his services to clients through social media channels.

Watson, who has two teenage sons from his first marriage and a daughter from his second, also revealed to the BBC daytime current affairs programme Victoria Darbyshire that the pressures of providing samples to women and couples had becomes so intense they led to the dissolution of his most recent three-year relationship.

“She was fed up with what I do,” the Bedfordshire man said.

“I’m always running off here and there to donate, so it must have got on her nerves. I’ve been donating for a long time now – I used to go through sperm banks, but doing it myself is much more convenient for me,” he added.

Mr Watson says he is now hoping to reach the milestone of fathering 1000 children, according to a BBC press release. You can watch the full interview with his below:

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