WATCH: Hundreds of people flock to Central Park to catch rare creature in Pokemon Go

It was a bizarre scene as cars lined the streets and throngs of people raced into the park

Pokemon, New York, central Park,

Image: Woodzys/Vimeo

Pokemon Go is nothing short of a phenomenon at this stage, and if you needed further proof, then this bizarre video from Central Park in New York should suffice.

Hundreds of people drove, cycled, ran and took public transport to the iconic green space in the center of New York at 11pm at night to try and get their hands on Vaporeon, a rare Pokemon which had spawned in the location. 

In the game, once one player captures the Pokemon at a certain location, it will disappear from the screens of other players within a couple of moments, so the crowd were all looking to be among the first to reach it before if was no more.

According to, the spawning of this particular type of creature is totally random and "uncommon in Pokemon Go, and Eevee evolutions in the wild are even more rare."

According to the Vimeo user who posted the video, the man who can be seen jumping out of his car at the start of the footage left the engine running, such was his desperation to claim the prize.

They further note that there was a crowd of hundreds at the entrance "sprinting into the park like a herd of wildebeest."