WATCH: Giant inflatable moon causes havoc in China

The balloon broke free as Super Typhoon Meranti approached south-eastern China

WATCH: Giant inflatable moon causes havoc in China

Picture by: AP/Press Association Images

A giant inflatable moon rolled its way over cars, bikes and motorbikes in Fuzhou, China, on Wednesday, after winds from an approaching typhoon set the balloon loose.

Shanghaiist reports that the moon was one of several inflated by Chinese cities for Mid-Autumn Festival, a holiday that heavily features the moon.

Super Typhoon Meranti approached the city, and powerful winds unleashed one of the balloons onto Fuzhou’s roads.

Footage shows the fake moon barreling through the streets, under a bridge into and over traffic and almost rolling over pedestrians and cyclists. While there were no reports of casualties, it is unknown whether the balloon has been caught or if it is still on the loose.

Typhoon Meranti has now hit south-eastern China bringing strong winds and heavy rain. The storm was registered as a super typhoon before losing strength after sweeping southern Taiwan. Meranti made landfall in the early hours of this morning near the major city of Xiamen.

Around 1.65 million people were without power across Fujian province on today. The city also suffered water supply disruptions and some windows on tall buildings shattered, according to local news reports.

The Super Typhoon is the strongest storm of the year globally.