WATCH: Final trailer for "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice"

Our last preview with little over a month before the movie is released

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is due for release in Irish cinemas on March 25th, and Warner Brothers have given us one final trailer before then to enjoy.

Anyone worried that this new one might give away something big like the last BVS trailer did - Oh, hello there, major villain! - this time around the footage is giving us more of a feeling for the vibe of the movie.

Kicking off with Batman kicking ass in a major way (it looks like director Zac Snyder has taken some influences from the Arkham City video games here), the tone is snappier, the one-liners pithier, and the action more dangerous and edgy than previously seen.

Plus we get our first look at Batman being able to properly defend himself from Supes, which leaves Clark Kent looking more than a little befuddled. Not to mention worried.

And there's a little bit more of Wonder Woman to enjoy, while some of the other characters that are rumoured to potentially appear - setting up the Justice League movie for 2017 - are still tantalizingly out of sight.