WATCH: Euros fever grips Ryanair pilot as he gets fans on flight to France amped up for the game

Captain Greg Browne has made a name for himself with his address to the supporters on their way to Lyon

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Image: Declan Pierce/Twitter

With legions of fans looking to make the journey to France to support the Boys in Green against the hosts at the Euros, there were plenty of high spirits aboard the flights out. 

Few expected that the ringleader of the chanting and singing on the planes out would in fact be the pilot himself, but it seems that on one flight to Lyon, Ryanair's Captain Greg Browne was the man leading the fans and getting them in form for the match. 

Browne, a radio DJ when he's not flying around the world, said he wanted to be able to hear the fans from the cockpit, before introducing each member of the crew as Gary Breen.

Here's hoping that he has reason to be in equally high spitis once the final whistle is blown in Lyon.