WATCH: Elon Musk's first traffic busting tunnel under LA is almost complete

The serial entrepreneur started digging the tunnel because the LA traffic was 'driving him nuts'

WATCH: Elon Musk's first traffic busting tunnel under LA is almost complete

Image: Elon Musk/Instagram

Elon Musk's Boring Company has almost completed its first tunnel under Los Angeles.

The SpaceX and Tesla chief established the company just over a year ago - after getting frustrated with the traffic he faces on his daily commute into the city from Bel-Air.

The company plans to eventually complete a network of underground tunnels that will offer high speed point-to-point travel and alleviate the city's infamous congestion problems.

The company's first boring machine, named Godot, began digging nearly a year ago in the parking lot of SpaceX headquarters near LAX international airport.

In a post on Instagram overnight, Musk announced that the first tunnel is almost complete - and published a video showing its progress.

He said that, pending regulatory approval, the company will be offering free rides to the public within months.

He also confirmed that the system will "always give priority to pods for pedestrians & cyclists for less than the cost of a bus ticket."

Last month, he said the network will still transport cars, but "after all personalized mass transit needs are met."

He said the decision was a "matter of courtesy & fairness. If someone can’t afford a car, they should go first."

He said the system will not have any big subway stations and instead will have "thousands of small stations the size of a single parking space that take you very close to your destination & blend seamlessly into the fabric of a city."

Musk has also confirmed that the company has already started tunnelling a route between Washington DC and New York and expects to begin work on a Los Angeles to San Francisco line next year.

He said both routes will include "true" Hyperloop technology with pressurised pods in near vacuum tunnels.

The pods will be designed to travel faster than a jetliner.