WATCH: Donald Trump has protestors removed from rally, then confiscates their coats despite freezing weather outside

The incident took place in Vermont on Jan 6th

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to a crowd during a campaign stop in Claremont, N.H. | Image: Jim Cole / AP/Press Association Images

Donald Trump's presidential campaign continues to be the source of some highly watchable moments.

During a speech in Burlington, Vermont last week, a group of protestors made their presence be known by shouting over the hopeful candidate, which spurned on Trump to eventually tell his security to remove them from the premises.

Turning the interruption into a compliment, Trump informs the audience that "You don't get this at a Hilary rally!"

However, when some of the protestors return to the room to retrieve their jackets, Trump doesn't let it lie.

Once again ordering security to remove them from the building, Trump follows it up with another order: "Get him outta there! Don’t give him his coat. Keep his coat. Confiscate his coat. You know it’s about 10 degrees below zero outside. No, you can keep his coat. Tell him we’ll send it to him in a couple of weeks.”

The incidents take place at the very start of the video, up until the 55-second mark, and then again at the 6.15 mark, right up until the end of the video.