WATCH: Dermot Morgan and Frank Kelly's funniest on-screen moments together

Frank Kelly passed away on Sunday, the 18th anniversary of the death of his 'Father Ted' co-star Dermot Morgan

Father Ted, Father Jack, Frank Kelly, Dermot Morgan,

Image: Hat Trick/YouTube

Sunday marked a sad day for fans of Father Ted; not only were they reflecting on the 18th anniversary of the passing of Dermot Morgan, but the news also broke that Frank Kelly had passed away.

Both masters of satirical comedy thanks to their roles on Hall's Pictorial Weekly and Scrap Saturday respectively, Kelly and Morgan were naturals in their roles as Father Ted and Father Jack. 

While the other residents of Craggy Island Parochial House and the ensemble cast of strange characters from around the rest of the island were pivotal to the show, both actors brought a wealth of experience and a level of humour that was unmatched to their performances. 

When they were on screen at the same time, there was a special chemistry between the two that produced some of the show's most memorable moments.

That would be an ecumenical matter

With the impending visit of three bishops, Ted was doing his best to put some manners on Jack so that he could hold a conversation with them on ecumenical matters.


A new pet for Father Jack was only ever going to spell trouble for Ted. 

Jacob's Creek Chardonnay, 1991

Proof that Jack was more than a seasoned drinker, he was a connoisseur.  

Sober Jack

When Jack did eventually sober up, he was able to remember a few words beyond his usually limited vocabulary. 

Words of warning 

Of course, he did stray from his famous selection of terms every now and then to issue some poetic and foreboding words to the house. 

Jack's hearing

Although he pretended to be unable to hear Ted when it suited him, Jack was more than able to hear when he needed to.