WATCH: David Lynch drops the David Lynchiest teaser for the new season of 'Twin Peaks'

The first episodes in more than a quarter of a century will reunite Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, and Sheryl Lee

WATCH: David Lynch drops the David Lynchiest teaser for the new season of 'Twin Peaks'


When the first season of David Lynch’s iconically weird Twin Peaks debuted in 1990, it immediately became the most talked about show on television. The story of the murder mystery of slain homecoming queen Laura Palmer, the fictional Washington town became a landmark television creation, where strange and stranger things routinely happened, but where at least the townsfolk could get a decent cup of coffee.

With a third season, the first since 1991, set to return to screens next year, David Lynch has just unveiled the first teaser trailer, and it is the kind of teaser that only a singular creative force like Lynch could get away with.

Twin Peaks will see Kyle MacLachlan reprise his role as Spacial Agent Dale Cooper, who first arrived in the town and helped the local sheriff expose Laura Palmer’s killer – revealing many of the locals’ secrets along the way. To quote the official description, “The mystery that ensued set off an eerie chain of events that plunged the inhabitants of Twin Peaks into a darker examination of their very existence. Twenty-five year later, the story continues...”

In recent months, Lynch’s 2001 film Mulholland Drive topped a critics’ poll conducted by the BBC to find the greatest film of the 21st century, shortly after also claiming the number one spot on ‘Best of the Decade’ lists from Film Comment, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Reverse Shot, and IndieWire.

You can take a look at the teaser to Twin Peaks below, and your guess is as good as ours...

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