WATCH: Christopher Nolan talks the coffee shop scene in 'Heat' with DeNiro, Pacino and Mann

The crime classic turns 21-years-old this December

image via youtube

image via youtube

Michael Mann's modern crime classic Heat turns 21 this year, and in celebration, another big director took the time to chat to the Mann and his cast about the work that went into its creation.

Christopher Nolan, whose work on The Dark Knight was very obviously influenced by Mann's epic thriller, sat down with the director, De Niro and Pacino - whom Nolan had previously worked with on Insomnia - to discuss every aspect of Heat. 

And yes, in case you're wondering, they do bring focus to that infamous coffee shop scene.

There is also a series of videos that single out the look of the movie, the unique dynamic between Pacino and De Niro's characters, a look into the vast supporting cast, the sound design and music used in the movie, and the writing process behind the project.

You can check out the rest of those videos right here.