WATCH: Bridget Jones is back and her new film looks like she still has problems

She's gone beyond the edge of reason

WATCH: Bridget Jones is back and her new film looks like she still has problems

Image: Youtube

Everyone's favourite unhinged lady is making a return to the big screens and she is with child this time.

Bridget Jones (Reneé Zellweger) has already endured two stressful adventures in Bridget Jones and Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason. After doing some hard time in a Bangkok prison for unknowingly smuggling drugs, you'd think life would deal Bridget some good luck.

Not so unfortunately, and judging by the title of her new film, Bridget Jones's Baby, she has a whole new host of complex issues to deal with.

Her often tumultuous relationship with Mark D'Arcy (Colin Firth) appears to be at heart of the plot once again in this movie.

The pair have experienced many glitches in the past, lending to the fact that he is a refined, reputed and well respected lawyer. She on the other hand, is something of a misfit, who continues to find new ways of creating car crash social situations.

There 's also the issues presented by Bridget's ex-partner - and Mark's nemesis - Daniel Cleaver. Cleaver (Hugh Grant) ruined Mark's marriage to a Japanese woman and repeatedly interfered with Mark and Bridget's relationship throughout the two previous movies.

But while the Cleaver demons appears to have been vanquished in the third film, there's another man on the scene and this one doesn't seem to be quite as evil. 

In Bridget Jones's Baby, which comes 12 years after the last installment, Mark and Bridget have broken up and Bridget has been appointed the producer of a news programme on television.

Here's the trailer:

Bridget meets new love interest Jack (Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy), and appears to be starting something with him. In the mean time however, she bumps into her old flame Mark and a reconciliation looks to be on the cards there. Amidst the confusion of picking a preference between the two, Bridget discovers that she is pregnant.

From there on, the movie seeks to identify which one is the father of Bridget's unborn baby.

Emma Thompson, who plays Jones' doctor in the movie, wrote the screenplay for the film which is due for cinema release in September.

The Bridget Jones franchise is based on Helen Fielding's books. Fielding released her third book, Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy, in 2013 but it is not known how closely the film sticks to its plot.