WATCH: Beyonce releases mysterious "Lemonade" project video, along with absolutely zero details

Whatever it is, it's happening on Saturday

It's been over two months since Beyonce released her "Formation" single, and there's been a lot of background noise but very little activity since then.

Over the weekend, after a 21-second teaser had been released, Beyonce then dropped a minute-long trailer for the "world premiere event" that will be shown on HBO on Saturday April 23rd at 9pm (or 2am on Sunday morning here).

Is it fair to assume that this will be the title of her upcoming sixth album, and the event will be all of the music-videos being shown back-to-back before the entire thing going on sale exclusively on Tidal for a week before being available on other mediums?

Yes, yes that is fair to assume. But could also be entirely incorrect. When it comes to Beyonce, we've all learned not to assume anything. Watch this space...