WATCH: Bernie Sanders brings an abrupt end to TV interview as he walks out

The Democratic presidential candidate stated that the time allotted for the interview was up

Bernie Sanders, Arizona,

Image: 12 News/Sanders

Footage of Bernie Sanders walking out of an interview with a journalist from a local Arizona news station has surfaced, which has lead to suggestions that the candidate was "running from questions he didn't like".

The interview, which features Sanders speaking with journalist Brahm Resnick, saw the Democratic candidate defend his voting record on a number of issues, including gun control laws, before walking out. 

At the four minute mark, Sanders finishes the answer that he was giving to a question from Resnick, before adding "thank you very much" and bringing an end to the interview, stating that the allotted time was up. 

A terse exchange takes place afterwards between Sanders and Resnick, with the journalist stating that Sanders was the "first candidate to walk away" during one of his interviews.

Sanders responded that he didn't walk away and that "I told you you had four minutes, you had more than four minutes. I didn’t walk away. You persisted".

It was suggested that perhaps the full interview clip would add some context, which was then posted by 12 News on their site afterwards and runs for 4:42. 

Via Uproxx