WATCH: BBC presenters left red-faced after interviewing wrong guest live on air

It's Guy Goma all over again...

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Image: BBC/Twitter

Presenters on BBC's Breakfast show were left a little embarrassed on Saturday morning when, after introducing a guest and telling his compelling story, they found out that someone else was sitting on the couch opposite them.

There seemed to be a bit of confusion in the wings as, while introducing the story of Leslie Binns and telling viewers how he's attempting to scale Mount Everest again, they turned to the man himself, only to be told "I think you have the wrong guest, sir." 

The person sitting on the couch was not in fact a mountaineer, but rather US political expert Todd Landman.

In a statement, the BBC said: "This was a genuine mistake and immediately corrected on air. Thankfully both our guests saw the funny side."

The show's presenters Jon Kay and Rachel Burden also took the slip up in good humour, with Burden tweeting that the two guests had clearly been separated at birth. 

The incident recalls a similar gaffe which dates back over 10 years, in which the BBC accidentally brought on Guy Goma, who they thought was an expert on the music industry. 

The message had been mixed up somewhere along the line and Guy Kewney, the actual expert for the interview, was nowhere to be seen. In his place was Goma, who claimed he was there for a job interview.