WATCH: As Hugh Jackman's swansong, the 'Logan' trailer looks razor sharp

The Australian actor is reportedly ending his run as Wolverine with a grand - and intimate - finale

WATCH: As Hugh Jackman's swansong, the 'Logan' trailer looks razor sharp

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in 'Logan' [YouTube]

After almost two decades playing the superhero – a period which has seen the genre come to dominate the film industry – Hugh Jackman will reportedly hang up his adamantium claws after a final appearance as Wolverine. But as the final trailer for Logan shows, the Australian actor’s spandex swansong appears very different from any X-Men film that’s gone before it.

While this new trailer suggests there will be plenty of action in the film, it also offers a better look as child actress Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney, a mysterious young girl who takes after Wolverine in more ways than one.

But the trailer also plays against type, showcasing a side to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X that has never been seen before, while also revealing that the entire X-Men franchise now appears to consider the Marvel comics that inspired it as canon.

Logan, directed by The Wolverine’s James Mangold, still looks like a fitting send off to Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine and the most promising X-Men film since First Class. Coming to cinemas on March 3rd, take a look at the trailer in full below:

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