WATCH: Anti-Abortion protester on hunger strike

Tim Jackson is stage his protest outside the Dáil

Tim Jackson from Donegal demands that the Oireachtas Committee on Abortion watch a video of an abortion being carried out.

He began his hunger strike yesterday morning, outside Dáil Éireann following his publication of the following open letter to An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Senator Catherine Noone.

In his letter Mr Jackson believes that a referendum on the 8th Amendment "would be the single worst policy-decision ever made by an Irish government, turning ballot papers into death permits. Democratic votes do not extend to robbing humans of fundamental rights".

He goes on to write, "If An Taoiseach and the committee refuse to view an abortion before proceeding further with deliberations, I can only assume you wish to be willfully ignorant of the barbarity of the procedure... If you do not reply within three days agreeing to this reasonable request, I will take proportionate, peaceful action to rectify the situation".

He took time out from his protest to join Sean Moncrieff in studio today.

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