WATCH: A side-by-side look at how well 'The Simpsons' references classic movies

From 'A Clockwork Orange' to 'The Shining', the show's been aping the classics for decades

The Simpsons, references, classic movies


In many ways, if you grew up watching The Simpsons, you received one of the finest intertextual media educations ever, exposed to countless references to classic movies and other pop culture icons – often that you can only appreciate having finally encountered whatever show or cult film Matt Groening’s first family of animation was alluding to.

Paying tribute to The Simpsons’ own tributes, Spanish video maker cgmzz has edited together a brilliant selection of some of the references the show has made in its 587-episode, and counting, history. Placed side by side with whatever it is aping, the likes of Dracula, Terminator 2, Psycho, and Requiem for a Dream, the short video reveals the wide-reaching media literacy the show’s writers – and now many of its viewers – enjoy.

Take a look at the video below:

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