WATCH: A brief explainer on the state of the movie sequel

The average movie sequel pulls in eight times the money of its originator

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Ever stopped to think why the summer movie schedule is always packed full of unwanted sequels to movies you didn’t really like in the first place? Well, as this Vox video explainer shows, the answer to this question invariably is: because they make lots of money.

The average, in every sense of the word, sequel manages to make eight times the box office revenue of the film that spawned it, regardless of how well received the first movie was by critics. As Roger Ebert, arguably the most famous US movie critic of all time, said, “No movie executive has ever been fired for greenlighting a sequel.”

As the short video explains, in the last 20 years, more than 500 big releases have been sequels. And when their critical scores are charted against box office returns, it goes to show why 2016 is the biggest year of sequels yet – with a whopping 37. Check out the video below:

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