WATCH: trailer for horror sequel "The Purge: Election Year" aims for the jugular of politics

The hugely successful horror franchise is back for a third entry

Despite being just a horror movie, The Purge clearly had a higher I.Q. than most of the rest of the genre.

Telling the story of a peaceful, alternative America which allows all crimes - up to and including murder - legal for a twelve-hour period once a year.

The first movie was released in May 2013, costing $3m and making back $89m in the box office. The following year, first sequel The Purge: Anarchy cost it's producers $9m and earning back $112m. So further sequels were only a matter of time.... and timing.

The Purge: Election Year tells the story of a presidential hopeful (played by Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell) who is hoping to do away with the elitist, slanted Purge ceremony, and her personal bodyguard (Frank Grillo, returning after Anarchy) discovering an assassination plot by her competitors who don't want the purging process done away with.

Written and directed by James DeMonaco, the same man behind the first two movies in the series, it's clear from the trailer that Election Year is aiming for the jugular of the politics and church-centric citizens of the United States.

The Purge: Election Year is due for release in Irish cinemas on July 15th this year.