Varadkar: I've not decided on how to vote in abortion referendum

A referendum is to be held in May or June next year

Varadkar: I've not decided on how to vote in abortion referendum

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at Government Buildings in Dublin | Image: Leah Farrell/

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says he will not make up his mind on how to vote in the abortion referendum until he sees the question.

Mr Varadkar has been accused by Deputy Ruth Coppinger of having had more positions on the issue than he has coloured socks.

She has been critical of his stance, saying in the Dáil earlier: "Taoiseach, you've had more positions on abortions than you've had coloured socks - but unlike your sock colour, this isn't actually a PR issue.

"You've said your views are evolving - now people are allowed have evolving views; but I do think they might expect a minister, a doctor, somebody in politics a long time, a Taoiseach, to have a more developed view on something that's a key issue".

"Was that not why the Citizen's Assembly was set up in the first place, to test the public mood?

"If you cant make up your mind, would you not be guided by the public forum that you played apparently a big role in setting up?

But the Taoiseach has said he will not be rushed into making up his mind.

"I'm not the kind of person who is going to give a yes or no answer to a question that I haven't seen yet.

"Perhaps Deputy Coppinger has committed to vote yes to a referendum the wording (of) which she haven't seen yet.

"But I'd be disappointed, cause I respect your intellect, if you had actually done that - I think you probably have not".

Mr Varadkar announced on Monday he plans to hold a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment in May or June next year.