Valar more-spoil-us: Vengeful app will text your enemies 'Game of Thrones' spoilers

The app was inspired by the viral story of a ex-girlfriend's revenge against her cheating lover

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With the news that last Monday night’s penultimate episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones is the most critically acclaimed episode it the show’s history, raking in millions of viewers and almost as many illegal downloads, it’s fair to say that expectation for the 69-minute finale has reached its peak. And now a devilishly fiendish app has been created that will, for a small fee, ruin the plot of the episode by sending a spoiler-filled text message to any phone number you want. is a brilliantly simple idea, but clearly the brainchild of the kind of person who thinks Joffrey got off light and Rob Stark had it coming. Enter your credit card details and the number you want the spoiler-strewn text to be sent, and the company will do the rest. The cost of each text is $.99 (87c).

[Warning: The following image contains arguably the worst kept secret from the plot of Game of Thrones season six, scroll ahead at your viewing pleasure's peril.]

Right after Game of Thrones season six comes to its presumably bloody end, the app will immediately text the details of it to that number. The app’s FAQ section claims it was inspired by the story of a jilted ex-girlfriend who has been doing something similar to her former paramour for every episode of this season.

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